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Representation In Complex Offshore Oil And Gas Workers’ Claims

While offshore oil and gas worker accidents on fixed platforms are often not covered under the Jones Act, many offshore injuries and accidental deaths in the oil patch are eligible for compensation under the Jones Act and general maritime law. Contact an experienced Alameda, Long Beach and San Diego offshore oil worker injury attorney at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP to find out about your rights if you’ve been hurt on or near a California offshore drilling rig, or while traveling to or from an offshore platform.

Methods For Increasing Your Recovery

The Jones Act and general maritime law can cover your claim and significantly increase your recovery under many circumstances, such as the following:

  • Injuries or fatalities suffered in transit to or from the platform, whether the transporting craft is a ship, boat, crane, or helicopter (including personnel basket or “widowmaker” injuries or deaths).
  • Injuries or fatalities suffered on a drilling vessel, floating platform, or barge.
  • Accidents suffered on or near a fixed oil or gas platform, if the victim spends 30 percent or more of his time on a vessel.

Even if the facts involved in your claim indicate limited no-fault recovery under California worker’s compensation law, you still might have a substantial Jones Act or maritime or admiralty law claim against a negligent third party whose conduct or failure to act played a direct role in the accident.

Our West Coast maritime legal experience and familiarity with offshore oil worker accident litigation give us the ability to investigate and present your claim in ways that would likely never occur to the conventional personal injury or workers’ comp attorney.

Contact Our Skilled Maritime Lawyers

Contact Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP, the Northern and Southern California offshore oil and gas personal injury lawyers, and discuss your situation with an attorney who knows just how to help you by calling 510-268-6180 or toll free at 855-SEA-SOS1.

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