Maritime Representation Along The Northern California Coast

From San Francisco to Eureka and on to Crescent City and throughout the adjoining areas, our lawyers at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP provide comprehensive and tailored maritime representation to clients who have been injured on a variety of bodies of water. Contact a lawyer at our firm today to further discuss your case and situation.

Though there are many different types of maritime law cases, there are several that are specific to the areas in and around Northern California. Our firm handles a broad spectrum of maritime cases, including the ones listed below, for clients in Eureka, Crescent City, and across Northern California. Boat owners and their insurance companies are tough and you need to be tougher.

Helping Fishermen Injured In Northern California Commercial Fishing Accidents

Sophisticated machinery and state-of-the-art vessels are not always enough to keep commercial fishermen safe. Our firm has handled numerous cases in which commercial fishermen have been injured on a boat or ship on the waters in Northern California.

Injuries Caused By General Commercial Marine Activity

A maritime accident can happen during any activity on the water. Our firm represents Northern California clients who have experienced an injury or sustained a loss during a maritime activity that would be considered general commercial marine activity, such as tug and barge work. Our firm also seeks justice for Northern California clients who were injured in maritime-related sexual assaults and other types of boat accidents

You have rights. It is important that you understand them and how they apply when proceeding with a personal injury case.

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