Central Valley, California, Maritime Representation

With many lakes, the San Francisco river delta, the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River, the Central Valley of California is dense with bodies of water. With these many places for boating, shipping and other marine activities to take place, accidents are bound to happen. At the law firm of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP, we have extensive experience handling a broad range of maritime law matters for clients across the Central Valley in California. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Marine Construction Injury Representation

Much like onshore construction sites, marine construction sites pose many dangers. Accidents on these sites can result in many different types of injuries. If you were injured on a marine construction site, you have the option of seeking compensation for the losses you have suffered while working a marine construction job.

Investigating Recreational Boating Injury Accidents

Often out for a day of fun, recreational boaters run into situations in which injuries are caused by the negligence of another boater or other dangerous situations on the water. We strive to help clients understand their rights in boating accident matters, determining the best way in which to proceed with a case on their behalf.

We also represent individuals who have longshoreman claims regarding the work done on a body of water in the Central Valley of California, for example, at the ports of Stockton and Sacramento. Tug- and barge-related personal injury and maritime cases are also confidently handled by our firm.

How To Contact Our Central Valley, California, Law Firm

Trust your maritime case to a lawyer at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP today. Contact our maritime trial attorneys at any of our offices if you need advice about any personal injury or wrongful death case. You can reach us by calling us toll free at 855-272-5380.