History Of Maritime Representation

The maritime attorneys of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP serve working seamen, marine businesses, recreational boaters, divers, cruise ship passengers, and others injured or aggrieved in any kind of maritime activity or dispute in California. To see how we can help you, call 855-272-5380 for a free consultation at any of our offices.

Partners from various major law firms joined to form the firm in 1990 in order to represent individual and corporate clients across a spectrum of issues relating to transportation, energy and insurance. We often served as counsel for international marine insurers, ship owners and other maritime interests.

Helping Businesses And Injured Parties In Maritime Cases

In 2000, we opted to concentrate on plaintiffs’ maritime litigation and marine insurance. Although we no longer represent insurance company clients, we certainly haven’t forgotten the litigation skills and maritime litigation methods we learned representing these sophisticated and demanding clients. Today, we apply rigorous case development, trial preparation and negotiation skills to all of our Bay Area/Nor-Cal, LA/Long Beach and San Diego.

Maritime Knowledge And Litigation Experience

Essentially, we’ve combined a thorough understanding of every aspect of American and international maritime law with the practical litigation strategies and techniques used by the world’s best maritime defense attorneys, such as those employed by Lloyd’s of London and the nation’s major oil companies. But now we work for you.

What’s more, we’re so good at it that we can afford the luxury of representing any client we choose, even the most hard-luck apprentice seaman or small business on the most complex claim at no cost until the case settles satisfactorily, or we win and collect the verdict.

While our principal offices are in Oakland, Long Beach and San Diego, we spend significant time on the road – London, Hong Kong, Pago Pago, Panama or wherever we need to go to help our clients win.

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To speak to the attorneys at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP, contact our firm online or by calling our toll free Hotline at 855-272-5380.