Commercial Litigation

For commercial litigation cases, you need experienced and knowledgeable representation in order that matters be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively. While commercial law is already extremely intricate, adding a maritime element complicates such matters even more. The attorneys at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP have been providing such representations since first opening our California law offices in 1990.

We provide representation for individuals and corporate clients nationally and internationally concerning issues relating to insurance coverage, maritime liens and collections, vessel arrests, transportation, and energy. We long have served as counsel for ship owners’ boatyards, marinas and international marine insurers. While we understand and can provide guidance concerning the day-to-day issues that commercial enterprises face, we are also ready to protect your interest in court when necessary.

Maritime Law And Commercial Litigation

Maritime businesses often find themselves involved in contentious disputes. The issues are often extremely complex and can involve a wide variety of concerns. Our lawyers frequently handle cases involving:

  • Arrest or maritime attachment of vessel and other assets the enforcement of maritime liens or the foreclosure of mortgages on ships and other vessels
  • Representing boatyard and ship repair facilities in collections and dealing with trumped up counter-claims
  • Representing marinas in collection and tenant termination issues
  • Transportation and logistics disputes
  • Marine insurance claims and disputes
  • Pollution and oil spill matters
  • Conversion and sales disputes
  • Collection and foreclosure issues

Our attorneys combine a thorough understanding of maritime law with practical litigation strategies and techniques. Because of the vast knowledge we have of maritime law, our understanding of industry customs, and more than 100 years’ combined experience in trying maritime cases, we know how to provide representation and guidance to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Providing You Effective Representation

The attorneys at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP fight hard to protect your interests. What we do best is to work hard and to pay particular attention to your case. As we have represented interests on every side of these types of cases, we anticipate the approach that opposing counsel will take.

Contact Our Law Firm With Your Commercial Litigation Questions

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