The Maritime Representation We Provide

At Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP, we use our wide experience and deep familiarity with American and international maritime law to represent clients across the spectrum of maritime and admiralty claims. Contact one of our attorneys and find out how our resourceful application of maritime law can help you win your claim.

We’re proud of our work on behalf of injured merchant seamen, and we litigate their claims under the Jones Act for personal injury and even wrongful death no matter where on the sea their accidents took place, so long as we can establish jurisdiction in a court where we can practice. We also represent commercial fisheries workers, deckhands, stewards and passengers on cruise ships, as well as accident victims on ocean tour vessels such as whale watching boats, harbor tours, and salmon charters.

Helping Injured Maritime Workers

If you’re a seaman injured in the line of work, we can represent you, regardless of your nationality, your language, or your religion. We know how to analyze the jurisdictional factors that matter, and we can advise you whether you have a Jones Act or general maritime personal injury claim.

We handle a wide range of maritime cases for clients in specific geographical regions, such as:

Work Along The Pacific Basin

It is essential to keep in mind that where ships, yachts, sailboats, barges, or other watercrafts are involved, the rules of litigation change, and the changes often favor the plaintiff. Under certain circumstances, for example, a drunk boating accident on Lake Tahoe can turn into a federal maritime case, with many familiar state-law claims and defenses entirely displaced.

It’s also possible, depending on the facts, that we can bring suit against the federal government on an admiralty law claim, under the Public Vessels Act or similar waiver of sovereign immunity.

Other classes of plaintiffs we represent include:

  • West Coast and California longshore, harbor, dock, terminal and barge workers.
  • California offshore oil and gas workers, including those in accidents related to service vessels, platforms and helicopters.
  • Recreational boaters, including accidents involving water skis, jet skis, powerboats, sailboats, yachts, kayaks, rafts and canoes.
  • Ferry passengers, charter boat anglers and marine wildlife tourists.
  • Next of kin or personal representatives in maritime wrongful death cases.
  • Commercial and scuba divers and snorkelers.
  • Merchant mariners and working seamen with claims for unpaid wages or for maintenance and cure.
  • Individual and corporate parties injured by bad faith marine insurance practices.

For more information about our ability to recover for you on your claim involving the Jones Act, the international law of the sea, or federal maritime law, contact the maritime trial lawyers at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP. From our law offices in Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco, we represent clients from California and around the world who were injured in United States waters or on United States boats.

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