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More About Our Experience And Reputation As Maritime Lawyers

The partners and affiliated attorneys of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP have established and constantly maintained their reputation as highly effective West Coast maritime law attorneys in the service of plaintiffs all over the world. Call the Alameda, Long Beach and San Diego maritime lawyers at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP to see how a thorough understanding of maritime law and admiralty jurisdiction can make the difference for you.

Over 100 Combined Years Of Maritime Experience

Each of the partners of this California maritime law firm gained substantial and valuable experience representing marine insurers in Pacific shipping, casualty, insurance, commercial and maritime injury claims.

Maritime trial lawyer Kurt Micklow has more than 30 years of highly successful courtroom experience. An honors graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, he concentrates on trials before both judges and juries in all of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP‘s practice areas.

Admiralty law attorney Edward M. Bull III, a descendant of an old New York shipping family, is an adjunct professor of maritime law at the University of San Francisco, where he received his J.D. with honors in 1989, and where he served as editor-in-chief of the USF Maritime Law Journal. His over 25 years of practice has focused on maritime and admiralty issues.

Maritime lawyer Eugene A. Brodsky, now retired from active practice, has over 45 years of practice in maritime law. He has advised the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, and taught as adjunct professor of law at Golden Gate University.

San Diego based maritime trial lawyer Phil Weiss has over 25 years of maritime practice experience and also teaches maritime law.

With many decades of maritime law experience among them, the California maritime attorneys of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP know and are known by the world’s leading marine insurance defense lawyers. We know what it takes to beat them, and we know how to bring them to productive settlement discussions on your maritime claims.

Whether you’re a boat yard owner, a marina manager, a working Pacific merchant mariner, or a novice recreational boater, we can help you recover for any business, insurance, injury or death claim arising at sea or on inland navigable waters. Contact Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP to discuss your claim with an experienced and deeply knowledgeable Alameda, Long Beach and San Diego admiralty and maritime law attorney.

Wide Variety of Maritime Representation

California admiralty and maritime law attorneys Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP represent all types of marine businesses (except insurance companies), merchant mariners, recreational boaters, cruise passengers, longshore and harbor workers, sport and commercial fishermen, offshore oil and gas workers, and others involved in maritime commercial and insurance disputes, vessel accidents or injuries at sea, the coastal waterways, or inland navigable waters of the Pacific Ocean, Northern California, the Central Coast, Southern California, Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and the South Pacific and American Samoa. We routinely handle cases that relate to disputes or incidents in San Francisco, San Diego, Mission Bay, Santa Barbara, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Ventura, Moss Landing, Richmond, Sacramento, Stockton, San Pedro, Crescent City, Wilmington, Bodega Bay, Pillar Point, Oxnard, Eureka, Half Moon Bay, Guam, Honolulu, Pago Pago, American Samoa, Saipan, Coos Bay, Los Angeles Harbor, the San Francisco Bay Area and Delta, and anywhere else a marine dispute can develop.

Reach Out To Our Skilled Maritime Attorneys

Contact Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP by emailing us or calling us toll free at 855-SEA-SOS1.

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