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Our Approach To Success

To get an idea of the impact that years of dedicated maritime law experience can mean to your marine claim, call the skilled Alameda, Long Beach and San Diego maritime trial attorneys at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP.

Our Commercial Jones Act and our marine insurance lawyers learned a lot while they represented marine insurers. First, we saw for ourselves the importance of preparing every case for trial. Too many plaintiffs’ attorneys failed to put in the work necessary to make the threat of a trial credible to a good marine insurance defense lawyer.

Unless counsel for the plaintiff makes an emphatic demonstration of their willingness and ability to try the claim, the insurance lawyers will have no incentive to make settlement offers that reflect their full exposure on the claim. That’s why we prepare every client file for trial, whether you’re a Jones Act seaman, a marina manager with a non-paying tenant, a luxury cruise passenger or the relative of a love one killed in a maritime accident, no matter how sure we may be that the case will likely settle beforehand. Most importantly, every major maritime law firm knows we will not only try our cases in state or federal court, but we will win. How do they know this? Because we have faced them in court before judges and juries, again and again.

Our Opponents Never Outwork Us

Next, we learned the importance of hustle and hard work. We saw many attorneys who never left town. To us, that’s unthinkable. The key witnesses in a ship repair, shipboard personal injury or maritime wrongful death case could be anywhere in the world. We use experienced international investigators to find them. Then we go wherever we need to go, and use international process to compel and preserve their testimony — practically anywhere on earth. The Alameda, Long Beach and San Diego maritime law attorneys of Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP will never tell you that the testimony you need to prove your case is unavailable because the witness is out of the country without making our best efforts to obtain the testimony.

Many of our cases have international aspects with respect to the law as well as to the facts. We know how to use international treaties and conventions to develop your claim and enforce your judgment. We know how to unravel the tangled threads of ownership, registration, and nationality of foreign flag vessels so that your judgment will be worth its full value to you.

Contact the California maritime attorneys at Brodsky Micklow Bull & Weiss LLP, by emailing us or calling us toll free at 855-SEA-SOS1, and find out the difference our methods can make for you in your specific situation.

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