Are offshore oil and gas operations more prone to fatalities?

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Workers in offshore jobs may face occupational hazards regularly. Some industries can have heightened risks, including those who work in oil and gas. Operations of these organizations often involve heavy machinery, equipment and other dangerous conditions. These companies typically follow safety protocols to comply with industry standards, but there is no way to guarantee the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Comparing offshore oil and gas operations with other industries

Oil and gas operations can have more fatalities involving workers than other industries, having a fatality rate seven times higher out of all workers in the country from 2003 to 2010 alone. A single incident can cause deaths, mainly because workers usually utilize a combination of water vehicles, aircrafts and explosive materials to conduct operations.

No matter how vigilant they are, workers may lose their lives performing essential tasks, with transportation incidents as the leading cause of fatalities. Aside from being around dangerous machines and environments, these workers may also face exposure to toxic substances, which can bring about health conditions that could get worse over time. Combining these risks with working offshore, threats to workers may always be present regardless of safety practices and regulations.

How to protect offshore workers

Recent data and developments can help guide industry leaders and legislators to implement policies to protect offshore workers. However, these legal protections may only take effect when the workers know how to exercise their rights. If they are unaware of their privileges and rightful entitlements based on law, they may suffer in silence and fail to hold negligent parties accountable for injuries or fatalities.

To address these scenarios, seeking legal guidance can be vital in protecting offshore workers. Understanding legal issues and implications in their industry can help them seek help whenever necessary or take action appropriately.