An unsafe spinning chain can kill or maim oil rig workers

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2023 | Offshore Oil And Gas Workers |

There are many ways that oil field workers can get gravely injured or killed on a working oil rig. That’s why safety must be the number one priority on any drilling rig. But the fact is that many companies try to save a dollar by cutting safety corners.

The results can be disastrous. Below is some information regarding the dangers of working with spinning chains.

Always exercise caution with spinning chains

On an oil rig, workers frequently must rotate huge pipes using spinning chains. One safety lapse here, however, can cost a worker a finger, a hand or even an entire arm. Failing to attach an 8” fiber tail rope to where the chain ends at the pipe can cause the chain to wrap around the hand, digit or limb with enough force to yank it off.

Inspect the equipment before using it

Since danger is all around workers on an oil rig, all should visually examine their equipment before each shift to ensure that it is operating safely and is up to code. While it ultimately is up to the company to provide safe and operable equipment for their oil rig workers, it is the workers themselves who will suffer if or when something goes wrong.

Did you get hurt on an oil rig?

Those who suffer injuries on a drilling rig — and those who lose loved ones in wrongful death cases — should understand their rights under the law. Since the law differs for injuries that occur on the water instead of on land, learning more about your right to seek legal justice can help you make the best decisions.