The remote nature of maritime accidents makes them dangerous

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Any workplace accident can be dangerous, as can any car accident. People face the risk of being accidentally injured every single day. There’s no way to entirely avoid this reality. With that being said, there are certainly industries and situations in which accidents and injuries are more common and have the potential to be particularly serious.

In the maritime industry, for example, injuries may take place in truly remote locations. It, therefore, may take a long time to get medical care, if it’s even possible for that care to arrive in time. The severity of injuries can escalate as a victim waits for care. This is similar to how mountain climbers will talk about how relatively minor injuries can be fatal. Even something like breaking your leg can be deadly when you are on a remote mountain. The same basic principle is true for those who work on a ship. Every injury is more serious because you can’t simply drive to the hospital after sustaining harm.

The Titan submarine

A recent example of this phenomenon involved the Titan submarine, which imploded while it was descending to the Titanic. Reports that came out afterward indicate that the sub may have been trying to resurface because the occupants knew that something had gone wrong. But this incident was incredibly remote because they were thousands of meters below the surface. There was no way for assistance to reach them and fix the issues with the sub before the conclusion of the tragic accident unfolded.

Granted, most people do not work on submarines and do not have to worry about being below the surface. But anyone who has worked on a cargo freighter or another ship that leaves sight of land understands just how remote it can feel and how hard it can be to get medical care when necessary. If someone gets sick or suffers a serious injury resulting in blood loss or infection, being hundreds of miles from a hospital is likely to make that condition much worse before care can be administered.

The unique risks that mariners – including remoteness – are some of the reasons why unique financial protections are made available to them in the event of work-related harm. Those whose injurious conditions have been made worse by remoteness can seek legal guidance at any time for greater clarity.