What compensation can you get when injured while working at sea?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Commercial Seamen |

If you work on the land, your employer typically must hold insurance that covers you if injured. A similar system operates if you work at sea, and it is even more comprehensive than those that apply to land.

Here is how it breaks down:


When you work at sea, you have your living costs covered. Maintenance seeks to make up for the loss of bed and board. A court will set a daily amount, and it applies from the day you leave the boat until the day you reach a maximum cure. That means the day that the doctors decide you have recovered as well as you can and there is nothing more they can do.


This is the term for any medical treatment you receive after your accident. Obviously, it only relates to the treatment of the injuries related to the accident. If you have an unrelated heart attack two weeks after the original workplace accident, you cannot expect your employer to cover that.

Unearned wages

You should still receive the same amount of money that you would have done if you did not get injured. It applies only to the length of the voyage or contract you were contracted for. Defining when that ends may be a matter for the courts if you and your employer disagree.

You should be able to claim those three benefits regardless of whether you were at fault in some way, although there may be exceptions. Getting these and any other money you are entitled to is not straightforward, so consider legal help to represent you if injured at sea.