Why is ear protection so crucial on ships?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Commercial Seamen |

Working on ships can be bad for your ears. It does not matter whether you work on them at sea or on the dock – they are always noisy.

Many work environments are noisy at times, but ships can be louder than most, and the noise can be more constant than most. Combined, it can be a real danger.

You could lose your hearing in a one-off event

A freak accident on board could cause an explosion with an intensity of volume that shatters eardrums. You cannot repair your hearing, so one event could be enough to leave you unable to hear for life. Or at least significantly reduce your ability to hear sounds and voices.

You could suffer hearing loss as a result of long-term lower noise levels

Let’s say you work in ships in the dock.  Your job involves using an angle grinder or other power tools. The constant scream of metal on metal is not incredibly loud, but if you do this day after day, it could damage your hearing. The high pitch of the noise does not help either, as higher pitches or extremely low pitches can harm your ears.

Remember, it’s not just about the noise you generate with your grinder.  You are likely working around other colleagues who also have them, as well as various types of heavy machinery. So the total noise you face at any one moment can be far above safe levels.

That’s why employers should do all they can to protect your hearing and reduce unnecessary exposure to noise. If your hearing is already damaged due to your work with ships, seek legal help to understand how to claim compensation.