3 tips for dock safety in ship ports

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Longshore And Harbor Workers |

Dock workers play an important role in the shipping industry because they load cargo onto ships and unload it. These workers deserve a safe work environment so they can go home to their loved ones.

Many risks come with this industry. Employers should have a clear safety plan in place to help prevent injuries from occurring. This needs to include a suitable training program.

Following are some tips that may help employers set their safety standards and help keep workers safe.

Deck markings are crucial

Markings on the deck can help direct foot traffic and vehicles. They can also help to make it easier for workers to spot hazards on the surfaces. The markings should be touched up as they fade or if they become damaged.

Drivers must be cautious

Moving vehicles and equipment are a main hazard for workers. Anyone who’s operating something that moves should ensure they’re watching for workers. Having the dock workers wear brightly colored vests and other safety gear can make them easier to spot.

Proper lifting is necessary

While most dock workers use machinery and equipment to handle the lifting, some lifting tasks are manual. Large, heavy or bulky items require team lifting with more than one worker. Using proper body mechanics is also important. Workers should also be empowered to take a break if they become overly fatigued or if they feel pain while lifting.

Injuries that occur on docks can be catastrophic. All workers should ensure they get the medical care they need for these injuries. Seeking compensation for is important when employer negligence is involved. Having experienced legal guidance as you deal with these matters is important.