2 critical safety points on a crab fishing vessel

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Commercial Fishermen |

Crab fishermen face several hazards each time they go out on the vessel. It’s up to the owner of the boat and the captain to ensure these men and women have a safe work environment.

Proper personal safety gear is one of the most critical components of a solid safety plan. They need to have equipment that enables them to remain warm despite the wet conditions of the vessel. Non-slip shoes are also crucial, but these also need to be waterproof and have toe protection. Besides those pieces of gear, there are several other safety points to consider.

1: Footprint strip for pot launching zone

The zone around the pot launcher has a crush risk for the worker’s toes. While steel-toe shoes will help to reduce this risk, having a footprint strip around the risk zone can also help. This slightly raised strip makes it easy for workers to know when they’re out of the danger zone. You can also paint the danger zone for added visual safety.

2: Bait chopper guard

The bait chopper is a huge risk for people who are tired or unfamiliar with the setup of the vessel. Using a guard prevents anyone from being able to put their arm in far enough to suffer an injury due to the chopper’s blades. Coupling this with warning stickers can provide optimal safety.

Even though it’s known that crab fishing is a very unsafe profession, steps must be taken to enhance safety. One challenge for these hardworking men and women is that they might not get medical care quickly if there’s an accident on the vessel. They’ll have to wait for the Coast Guard for an evacuation and transport to a medical facility. Ultimately, they may pursue compensation if their injuries result from negligence.