2 maritime hazards every worker should know

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2022 | Commercial Seamen |

Working on a ship can be a dangerous job – many people don’t realize the dangers that can happen on open seas. Maritime workers can be seriously injured, causing major changes in their life and work. 

If you’re expected to be out on the sea for some time, the chances of you being injured could dramatically rise. The best thing you could do for yourself is to know how you can be injured on a ship. Doing so won’t guarantee your safety, but it can reduce the chances of being injured. Here’s what you should know:

1.) Chemical exposure

Ships carry all kinds of cargo: food, clothing, books, machinery, vehicles, and various chemicals. If the wrong shipping container is damaged during loading or shipping, there could be oil, chlorine or hydrochloric acid spills that could cover ships and workers. 

If a maritime worker was exposed to one or more of these chemicals, they could be seriously injured. Inhaling chemical fumes could lead to trouble breathing, lung issues, internal bleeding or worse. Physical exposure to chemicals could leave burns, rashes or even enter the blood and cause future health problems

2.) Slip, trip and falls 

Ships are often only as steady as the sea they sail on. Large waves and weather can coat the deck of a ship in slick water, making each step more hazardous than the next. If you face bad weather or aren’t used to the teetering of the ship then you could be awaiting a slip and fall injury.

If you’re a maritime worker and recently experienced an injury on the job then you may need to act fast. Knowing your options and making the right steps could help you earn workers’ compensation.