3 times tourist boating companies open themselves to liability

| Oct 21, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Companies that operate out on the open water have different rules that apply to them than businesses back onshore. However, even vessels operating on international waters still have to comply with certain rules, especially if they take tourists out for whale watching or late-night booze cruises.

Companies operating vessels can open themselves up to liability claims from passengers in numerous situations, including the three below.

They serve alcohol without adequate safety precautions

Alcohol can lead to questionable decision-making if people overindulge. It can also impact someone’s sense of balance, which can be particularly dangerous for people on the deck of a boat. Vessels that specialize in taking tourists out for dinner and drinks should have safety precautions in place to limit the risk of passengers getting hurt or falling overboard.

They failed to properly maintain their vessels

Loose hand railings, missing lifeboats and other maintenance issues can drastically increase the likelihood of someone getting hurt on a vessel. They can also increase the likelihood of an accident turning tragic. 

Proper maintenance and frequent inspections are crucial to keeping a vessel seaworthy. Those hurt because the company cut corners on inspections or maintenance may be able to take legal action against the owner or operator of the vessel.

They failed to train or properly oversee their employees

A parasailing company that doesn’t properly train its workers on safety harnesses could put people in a situation where they break a bone because a worker hooked a cord somewhere they should not have. A business that does not properly oversee the daily activities of its employees may not realize that they have a captain who comes to work in a state where they’re not capable of adequately performing their job. 

When a maritime business is negligent in its operations, whether it fails to maintain its vessels or adequately manage its employees, the people who get hurt may have legal rights. Learning more about your personal injury rights as someone hurt on a recreational vessel can help you seek justice for your injuries.